Bridgette B Bikini

It’s time to see Bridgette B once more guys and gals and this one as you can see is a Bridgette B bikini update with the lovely woman showing off her goods while she gets to wear one fantastic and sexy set of metallic gray one. She looks drop dead gorgeous with it and she fully knows it rest assured. So yea, let’s watch the babe posing by her pool in the back yard!

Either way, this was a nice and hot summer day, so yeah, the sexy blonde Bridgette had to take her sweet time to have some fun and enjoy herself a bit as she cooled off. Because of that she figured she might as well show off her goods on camera for you all today so make sure that you check each and every single picture in her gallery out here today because man, she looks sizzling hot in that metallic shiny bikini!

Actors: Bridgette B